Experience International, Inc. (EI) is comprised of development professionals who have four decades creating rural economic growth. Collectively, we have designed, managed, and provided technical inputs to some of the most successful rural and agricultural development projects funded by US or international agencies. While many things have changed since we first started research on Small Farmers in Development, and the world continues to be more interconnected and complex, equitable agricultural sector growth still consists of providing local organization and ownership, new technologies, inputs, and markets that add value to local resources. We have done this in many diverse countries and circumstances.


Our conversion to modern technology is through Management and Geographic Information Systems—advanced ICT-- that support development. Years ago EI staff pioneered the use of computers in development, with portable computers supporting a long term project in Southern Sudan in 1977, later delivering the first consultant-produced USAID Project Paper on floppy disk in 1982. EI tested and put into practice hand-held mobile data collection and transmission for real-time management review and reporting, building GIS systems that collect individual site data that can be aggregated and displayed on Cloud-based websites to provide instant documentation of  progress toward objectives. We have utilized satellite imagery to define irrigation catchment areas with existing agriculture for programmed dam sites, reducing the complexity and cost of environmental studies. This capacity has led us into donor-defined monitoring and evaluation systems.


With more data available, EI’s analytical skills broadened and deepened, with new abilities to relate conflict incidents and reporting to development initiatives, using multivariate analysis in the context of making development choices, winning a DFID Framework contract to provide services in the security and stability arena. EI continues to evolve to respond to development challenges with appropriate advanced solutions.






Experience International, Inc. (EI) was incorporated in 1963 in the United States. is a US-based international organization of development management and strategy consultants with an operational base in Bangkok, Thailand. In the last decade, EI has supported development programs in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with extensive involvement in Iraq and Pakistan.


Committed to developing solutions to improve lives, we collaborate with communities and organizations at grass root level and deliver results. With veteran industry professionals having a combined experience of more than 80 years, EI team boasts a sound history of delivering large-scale assignments across the globe.



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Experience International, Inc. (EI) provides services to development programs in the following sectors:


Information and Communications Technology

With over 30 years of experience, EI provides advanced technology consulting services to development programs including ICT systems design and implementation and Geo-Spatial mapping services. Experience International combines the power of our consulting expertise, technical and mission knowledge to deliver results that meet our clients’ challenges and project needs.


Our areas of expertise in ICT consulting services include:

  • Data collection including software design and programming of mobile data collection (survey forms, images and GPS coordinates)
  • Integration, analysis, reporting and display (on-client-site, cloud-based and hybrid platforms) of real-time data on interactive information dashboards;
  • Hosting of web-based application/systems and services;
  • Programming of detailed work plans into daily and weekly tracking systems that report input and output results;
  • Designing of data collection systems that enable sophisticated evaluation analysis
  • Geospatial mapping services



Rural Sector and Agriculture Development:

Sustainable development in rural areas requires a multidimensional and comprehensive approach to achieve ‘pro-poor’ results. Owing to diversity of contexts and conditions, there can be no blueprints. Experience International therefore bases its rural and agricultural development work on contextual analyses. EI offers specifically tailored interventions according to the needs of the local community.  The services we offer are flexible combinations of several of the following intervention options:

  • Small holder development
  • Agricultural sector design
  • Agriculture policy
  • Agribusiness development
  • Marketing channels
  • Competitiveness and value chain analysis
  • Farmer association creation and financing



Conflict Analysis:

EI offers a complete array of research services in the conflict analysis domain including data capture, statistical analysis of local relationships between conflict categories and development indicators (including perception surveys) and mapping/visual presentations of variations in violence and its determinants over time



Monitoring, Survey and Evaluation:

EI has extensive experience in monitoring, assessment and evaluation of projects in various development sector domains.


EI’s Monitoring and Evaluation expertise involves design and implementation of ongoing monitoring program and complex evaluations, beneficiary surveys and related statistical analysis of intervention outcomes. From the development of Results Based Frameworks (RBF) and Logical Framework Approach (LFA) to conduction and analysis of Baseline, Midline, and Endline surveys and its analysis – we provide a complete range of services to our clients. This also entails the provision of indicators based bespoke systems and third party evaluation services.






EI is a US veteran-owned small business, managed  by Donald Mickelwait, Founder and 30-year CEO of DAI, and Eugene (Tony) Babb, previously DAI’s Director of Agriculture and Natural Resource Development.  It is headquartered in the center of Bangkok, with easy access to all of Asia and the Middle East.  EI is the parent company of Experience Consultants (Thailand) Ltd.  Registered  since 1996, Experience Consultants performs contracts for which bidding is only open to Thai companies.



Donald R. Mickelwait



Chairman and CEO of Experience International, Inc.  Don Mickelwait founded Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) and was its CEO for 30 years.  He is a rural sector economist who has had extensive experience designing projects for USAID.  24 of these have been funded for a total of more than $750 million, including four economic growth projects (January-March 2008) for USAID/Pakistan and three projects in that country’s agriculture sector (January-March 2009).  The Pakistan projects have dealt with employment, enterprise development, trade, microenterprise promotion, horticulture exports, food security, field crops, and livestock and dairy development.  Mr. Mickelwait provides management oversight through regular visits to EI’s ongoing USAID and USDA-funded contracts and private sector initiatives.  He holds advanced degrees in economics from the University of Oregon, the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and the George Washington University.  He has completed advanced management courses from, and is an alumnus of, the Harvard Business School.  He has lived in Bangkok for 20 years and travels extensively throughout Asia.



Kathy Wei


EI’s Director and VP.  Kathy Wei provides HR and operational oversight at headquarters and project administration to EI’s field teams.  She is responsible for EI’s global human resource functions, including benefits, compensation, employee relations, recruitment, and training and development.  She has managed USAID, USDA, and other donors’ projects in conflict zones and has an in-depth understanding of project procedures and management.  She speaks English, Chinese, and Thai, and lives in Bangkok.










Guillerma (Emma) Durst



EI’s Financial Manager.  Having come from many years’ employment with DAI, Emma Durst has handled the special accounting requirements of development projects in the Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, and the USA.  She has worked with donors that have included USAID, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and various United Nations agencies, as well as independent NGOs.  She has a Business Administration degree in Accounting, is a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines, and lives in Bangkok.











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