Eugene (Tony) Babb

Agricultural Development

Tony Babb Photo

EI’s President. Tony Babb began as a career foreign service officer in USAID-Laos, serving as a rural development advisor in Savannakhet for 4 years.  He was then an agricultural project team leader in Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Jordan for the FAO and served as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Agriculture and Rural Development at USAID.  As the Director of Agriculture at DAI, he led development teams in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Pakistan.  When Mr. Babb retired from DAI after nearly 20 years, he purchased EI, then a DAI subsidiary under his management.  With EI, he was Team Leader on the ADB Uzbekistan Grain Improvement project and a senior technical advisor to Iraq’s agricultural sector, designing and proving the efficiency of minimum tillage technologies for dryland wheat production in northern Iraq.  He was the director of EI’s highly successful agriculture sector development component of the Livelihood Development Program for FATA in NWFP, Pakistan.  Mr. Babb holds a BS degree in Agriculture with a major in Animal Husbandry and a minor in Agricultural Economics from California Polytechnic State University.  He also has a Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis on Development Economics from the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.  He has done short course studies in rice production at IRRI, farmer cooperatives in Taiwan, and agriculture economics at Cornell University.  He lives in the Sonoma Valley.